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PARISH ASSEMBLY    There are plans afoot in the Sydney Church to rationalise the number of parishes, or combine parishes, to cope with the predicted downturn in the number of Priests available to administer our parishes in the future. There are 593,319 Catholic people living in the Archdiocese of Sydney. There are 136 Parishes and 239 Diocesan Priests. The average age of Sydney Priests is 63 years of age. 

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the Assembly on Wednesday 10 May 2017. The frank, open and courageous comments made during the evening were most encouraging. If you attended and have not yet submitted your written ideas for the future of St Patrick's Parish please leave your comments  in the basket at the back of the church. This was the beginning of an ongoing planning process and,now, a new special Committee will report back to us about how we will deal with the future challenges about evangelization ministry and the Archbishop's 2020 program for the reconfiguration of Sydney Parishes and priest roles into the future. 


FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: Will be celebrated at a special Mass at 10:30am on Sunday 18th June. The instruction for the sacrament will commence on Monday 22nd May in the parish hall from 4:15pm to 5:15pm and continue on consecutive Mondays until 13th June. Anyone wishing to nominate a candidate to participate should contact Robert Mayor on 97361161 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further details click on the link to Sacraments.  


Save the Date : Parish Dinner , 25 August  2017


Mother's Day 2017. On Mother's Day, each mother was presented with a small bouquet of flowers as she entered the church for Sunday Mass. This made the mothers feel very special. Our Pastoral Care and Hospitality Committee are to be thanked for this thoughtful gesture. 

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!:To each and every one of the 21 ladies that came to the working bee for the Mother's Day flowers, your help was very much appreciated. 


Parish Social Luncheon 3 May, 2017

A very enjoyable Parish luncheon was held at Carmen's Restaurant at Barnwell Park Golf Club on Wednesday, 3 May, 2017. It was attended by  75 people and the guests of honour were Monsignor John Usher and Father Tom  Stevens. Many thanks to Anne Manenti and the Social Committee for their planning and organisation of the day.

Father Tom said Grace and added a reading of a passage from the very humorous  Memoirs of a Mug Punter, by John Harms. In his inimical style Monsignor John followed up this reading with a joke and then more seriously, a reading of a poem by Father Pat Hartigan, aka John O'Brien : "The Church Upon the Hill" with comparisons to St Pat's Mortlake.

Though high and grand cathedrals shine,
To my mind grander still
Is that wee church of knotted pine,
That rampart on the outer line
That stood upon the hill.

After our main course, we were further entertained by parishioner Rita Zammit who superbly sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and "O Sole Mio" with many present joining in.  Len Norman missed his vocation as a stand up comedian, and told a very funny joke about that well known man about town, Sam Cohen. There was also the lucky door prize and there were several lucky winners.

All in all it was an enjoyable day, with good food and good company. The hard work of Anne Manenti and the Social Committee is to be congratulated. Many thanks also to our photographer, Dianne Chestney. A wonderful community spirit is always created by people gathering together and sharing a meal and friendship. 




Reconciliation             Friday 24th March        

FIRST RECONCILIATION: On  Friday 24 MArch 2017  thirty of our local children, after four weeks preparation, experienced for the first time the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession). Please pray for them all and we congratulate their families for bringing them to this important mile-stone in their faith journey. We especially thank our parish catechists for preparing the children so well for the reception of this wonderful Sacrament .


First Holy Communion       Sunday 18th June  10:30am

(Feast of Corpus Christi)

Instruction Mondays:  Session 1   22nd May

Session 2   29th May

Session 3     5th June

Session 4   13th June

Confirmation             Friday 15th September 7:30pm

Instruction Mondays:

Session 1   21st August

Session 2   28th August

Session 3     4th September

Session 4   11th September




 Parish dinner save date


Fr Silvio has been part of St Patrick's Parish since December 2015. He was appointed to us in the wake of Fr John's accident in 2015 and his later rehabilitation over four or five months. Fr Silvio has been very welcome. Fr Silvio is one of three Korean priests who came to Sydney over six years ago. They came here to learn English and become familiar with our Australian Catholic Church. (A church that is somewhat different from the Korean Catholic Church) The Archdiocese of Seoul and the Archdiocese of Sydney agreed that it was now time for Fr Silvo to return to Korea. After the 9am Mass on Sunday 19February  there was  an informal morning tea to meet with Fr Silvio for the last time and thank him for his help.


Are you a new parishioner?

Or do you know any new parishioners? Please make them feel welcome. There is a form at the front of the church in the Narthex, where you can let us have your details. 


It is a good time to look back over the past year and to thank God for the gifts which we have been endowed.  For all of us there have been joys, sadness, challenges, hopes, anxieties and inspirations.  Our gift of faith has enabled us to finish this year with greater integrity, new hope and a profound belief that God's kingdom is a reality worth striving for every day.

During the past year many new parishioners have joined us.  We hope they feel welcomed.  Ten of our old parishioners have gone to their eternal reward.  Over ninety new babies have been baptised and fourteen couples have been married.  Twenty eight children made their First Holy Communion and thirty young people were confirmed.

We pray and give thanks for 2016.

Parish celebrates Mons John's birthday

On Saturday, 3 December, 2016, 150 guests from St Patrick's Mortlake attended a delightful lunch provided by Marie and Guy Piccin and family at Angelo's on the Bay Restaurant at Cabarita.


The occasion was to celebrate the 75th Birthday of Monsignor John Usher, our Parish Priest, albeit a little belatedly due to his accident last year. However, Mons John was in fine form and good spirits, on the actual date of  his 76th birthday. It was a great day, enjoyed by all. Also in attendance were Fr Brian Egan from Concord West who said Grace and Fr Silvio Yong Kook Woo and Ronnie Maree, seminarian who is visiting St Pat's for four weeks. There were apologies from Fr Tom Stevens and Fr Greg McGregor.


The Social Committee subsidised  the lunch and provided a gift hamper of wines and spirits as well as a donation to Monsignor John, on behalf of St Patrick's Parish. The Social Committee Co-ordinator Anne Manenti, presented the gifts to Monsignor John after the cutting of the cake.


Peter Manenti spoke about Monsignor John as a fellow student at St Patrick's Strathfield when he already had the reputation of being an accomplished orator and always ready with a joke.  He offered Monsignor John best wishes and congratulations on behalf of everyone in the Parish. Monsignor John replied in his inimical style and concluded with a customary joke.


On behalf of the parish we would like to extend our thanks to Anne Manenti and her committee for the planning that went into organising this day. Everyone who attended agreed the luncheon was a wonderful celebration.


DSC 0041

See more photos on the Photo Gallery Page 

Pastoral Care Gathering

OUR PASTORAL CARE COMMITTEE: On Wednesday 31 August, 2016 our Parish Pastoral Care Committee met for lunch and a meeting in the parish hall. About 30 of the pastoral care team attended. They were anointed with sacred oil as a sign of their special ministry in our Parish. We can easily overlook the special work of our pastoral care team providing hospitality, visiting our ageing parishioners and taking them Holy Communion and transporting less mobile parishioners to Mass. We thank them all for their special commitment.








Monsignor John Usher, Father Silvio Yong Kook Woo and Father Tom Stevens together with 120 parishioners attended the lunch.  Our visiting guest from New York, Father  Geoffrey Abdallah said Grace.

Mrs Denise Taylor, retired CEO of National Childcare Accreditation Council presented jewellery from Banjo's Bead House a business started up with her daughter Lynda in 2013. Denise was joined by her husband, President of the Strathfield Rotary Club.

A delicious meal of pork, ham and vegetables together with Christmas pudding, coffee, tea and drinks was enjoyed by all present. 

Peter Manenti (Santa's Helper but really Anne's helper ) donated 10 beautiful prizes for a surprise lucky Christmas gift. 

Monsignor John presented a very enjoyable poem "The Man from Ironbark" in a very dramatic manner, and Father Tom addressed the guests in his usual entertaining way. 

Indeed, all who attended enjoyed the event very much. Many thanks must be given to Anne Manenti, who gives so much of her time and energy, organising parish events, such as this one, always graciously and with a sparkle in her eyes.

Thank you, Anne, and thank you to Peter for the gifts.





Parish Dinner 6th May 2016 at Ottimo House Five Dock.

The annual Parish Dinner was held at Ottimo House Five Dock with a special "Welcome Back to Monsig. John Usher" after many months of illness.

Guests included Fr Silvio, Fr Moses Kim, Fr Brian Egan and Fr Tom Stevens.

Mrs Mandy Westgate Principal of the new Primary School opening in 2017.

Many parishioners enjoyed the food and beverages prepared by Ottimo House.

Monsig. John Usher thanked everybody for their kind thoughts and prayers during his time of illness and also thanked Father Silvio Yong Kook Woo for looking after the parish during this time.

He further gave a splendid report on the history of St Patricks and neighbourhood and engaged the parishioners with his stories and eloquent poetry.

Mr Paul Ballesty was the MC for the evening and kept the crowd entertained and interested in the process of function.

Many sponsors were present who generously donated prizes for the raffle and Anne Manenti thanked them and all her members of the Social Committee especially Helen Behan for assisting Anne in organizing the dinner.

Mrs Iris Moloney our senior parishioner was present and also Dr John and Wilma O'Loan who celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. All present enjoyed the friendship and hospitality of the evening.

Tony Paton



Mandy Westgate

IMG 5702

Jillian McCarthy

Iris Malone

David Webster

Fr B Egan Fr Moses

F Windon


The Catholic Education Office has announced that Mrs Amanda Westgate has been appointed as the foundation principal of our new Primary School. Amanda (Mandy) grew up here in the Parish. She holds a Master Degree in Educational leadership, a Graduate Diploma in Religious Education and a Bachelor of Education Degree from Sydney University. She has, up until now been the Principal at St Kevin's Eastwood. Mandy will commence her role here in the Parish on 1st January 2016 and prepare the school for commencement in 2017.

This is the link to the  new school's website

Please foward all enquiries to info@ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The office is located at 28 Herbert Street , Mortlake. More details will be available in the coming weeks. 

p:9736 1797

p: +61 2 9643 3600 (CEO Inner Western Region Office)

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School is opening in response to the increasing demand from the community for more Catholic education within the area.

Residential developments are increasing in and around the Mortlake peninsula and St Patrick's Catholic Primary School will ensure all children and families have access to quality Catholic education.

The  land for the new school was acquired close the our church. A planning committee was formed, made up of representatives from the Archdiocese of Sydney, the Catholic Education Office, and the Parish.We, the parishioners of St Patrick's, are excited about the new school and offer our prayers and best wishes for its success. 


News from the Social Committee


On Monday 7th December 2015 the St Pats' Bingo Parish Christmas Lunch was held at Briars Bowling Club Concord.  95 parishioners enjoyed a delicious Christmas meal with all the trimmings including Christmas pudding and ice cream.

Unfortunately Monsignor John Usher has been in hospital and he was sadly missed. Monsignor John sent Christmas greetings to everyone, relayed to the group by Anne Manenti. Father Tom Stevens attended the lunch and he entertained the group in his usual friendly way.

Much friendship and joy was shared. Thanks once more to Anne Manenti and the committee.

Have a Holy and Happy Christmas and God Bless for good health in 2016.



Bus Trip to Wiseman's Ferry

At the Wiseman's Ferry Hotel a delicious lunch was prepared  by Anthony McAuliffe chef at the pub, and hosted by his mother, Lorraine McAuliffe , a parishioner.

Lorraine  took the group for an inspection of the hotel for which Anthony is responsible for the extensive renovation.

Cobham Hall was the  home of Solomon Wiseman , an early settler , and this has been transformed into the present hotel and museum.

We were blessed with sunshine and the day was enjoyed by all.

The whole outing was organised by Anne Manenti , co-ordinator of the Social Committee. Many thanks to Anne for organising and leading this highly enjoyable Parish outing.

IMG 1447IMG 1449IMG 1450IMG 1451IMG 1453IMG 1457

Deacon Tom becomes Father Tom on the feast of the Assumption 15 August, 2015

The parishioners of St Patrick's Mortlake offer our heartiest congratulations to the Reverend Father Tom Stevens, together with Reverend Father Lewi Barakat, on the occasion of their ordination to the priesthood, on Saturday 15 August, 2015. Our parish was well represented in a very crowded St Mary's Cathedral, together with family members and friends of both candidates to the priesthood. The principal celebrant was The Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP. The service was a very beautiful one, with much pomp and ceremony. The Cathedral choir sang and were accompanied by the congregation in a High Mass, which included the use of Latin, in parts.

On the next day, Sunday 16 August, Father Tom celebrated his first Mass at an equally crowded St Pat's Mortlake at 9am. The other celebrants were our own Monsignor John Usher, Father Greg McGregor and Fr John Pearce CP. Monsignor John invited the children present to come up and sit on the steps beneath the altar thus Father Tom's first homily as an ordained priest had a very captive audience. The Mass was a very special one and our prayers and hymns were beautifully accompanied by our own musicians. At the conclusion of Mass, Father Tom's father, Mr Ron Stevens spoke to the congregation and there was hardly a dry eye as his speech, dedicated to his beloved, youngest son, moved every one present. Mrs Anne Manenti presented Father Tom a gift on behalf of the Social Committee and parishioners.

Following Mass and after receiving Father Tom's blessing, there was a delicious morning tea served and supplied by the Social Committee. And of course, another time for Father Tom to address us, as he cut the celebratory cake. Everyone cheered when Monsignor John announced that Father Tom would stay at St Pat's for the present. We all wish him much happiness, fulfilment and joy in his ministry and of course, keep him in our prayers.

Father TomFather Tom Mass

 Check out video here

Children's Liturgy

The Children's Liturgy is held each Sunday at the 9am Mass.  The Liturgy is currently run by a number of women in our Parish on a roster basis.  The children are welcomed to the altar after the first prayers of the Mass and then are led to the Church Hall.  We then read the Gospel in a form easily understood by the children.  The aim of the liturgy is to explain the message of the Gospel and to stimulate involvement from the children so that they can relate to their own lives.  We do this through role plays, discussion, making prayers, song and other activities.  We are only out of the Church for about 20 minutes, returning the children to their families just before Offertory.

Our liturgies during Advent, leading to Christmas, and Lent, leading to Easter, are very special where the team try to instil the messages of Jesus through our Liturgy.  We run a Children's Mass during the year plus the Children's Christmas Mass.  At these masses, the children sit at the front of the Church, they do all the readings, the Prayers of the Faithful, the music is targeted to their age group and they process in and out of the Church with the Priest.  It is important that the children see the Church as  a safe place where their involvement is welcomed.  They are asked to sit at the front, listen up, sing along and be involved!  Other initiatives include the Children's Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.  This is held outside the Church and the children walk from station to station either in quiet prayer or are involved in the readings.

Megan Harris.



Parish Primary School