This Monday, 30 December 2019, marks the 125th anniversary since the foundation stone for our parish of St. Patrick’s was laid by Cardinal Patrick Moran, then Archbishop of Sydney. The foundation stone is located at the right hand exterior entrance to the Church, as you face the church from Gale Street. The foundation stone was laid on 30 December 1894.

The church was completed in 1895. The parish history, which was commissioned for the 110th anniversary of the parish, and authored by D. J. Gleeson (who’s parents and family have been longstanding parishioners) states, in relation to the building of the Church:

Firstly, the name, St. Patrick’s, signified the many Irish migrants and first generation Australians of Irish heritage who had settled in the district. Despite Sydney’s Catholic community being predominately Irish, Mortlake represented only the third church named after Ireland’s patron saint in the C19th century.

Secondly, this church, unlike most in the colony commenced without debt, due to the combined generosity of the late Dean McCarthy (founder of the parish) . . . . and the men and women of Mortlake. . .

Finally, St. Patrick’s Mortlake has the distinction of being the only Catholic Church built in the metropolitan area in the 1890’s, a decade of high unemployment caused by the colony’s worst economic recession in 120 years.

Therefore, this year is significant for our parish as we will celebrate 125 years of St. Patrick’s, Mortlake. The church and community being an important landmark in people’s lives and faith journeys. We will be organising celebrations to mark our 125th anniversary.

If you would like to be involved in a steering committee to organise festivities for our 125th anniversary, please contact Fr. Tom Stevens on (02) 9743 1017 or [email protected]

Fr. Tom

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Rev Fr Tom Stevens