My friends, as we find ourselves in this lockdown period again, let us continue to see the message of hope and strength in God and in community as the pathway forward.
As is always the case, the first and most significantly affected by these times of isolation and uncertainty are those members of our society that are on the margins – the poor, weak, sick and aged. Let us always be people that recognise the needs of our sisters and brothers in times such as these and be prepared to assist them with good deeds as well as in prayer.

I remain available for home visits for pastoral reasons. Please contact me should you require a home visit during this lockdown period. Please feel free to call me direct on 9743 1017.

Please let me know if you require anything at all. I will remain here in the parish and am available for assistance and support. Let us continue to act and pray for each other during this time.

Peace and Joy

Rev Fr Tom Stevens