Celebrating 125 Years 1895-2020

2020 marks 125 years since the beginning of St Patrick’s Parish Mortlake. Since our earliest days, we have been blessed and enriched by priests, religious sisters and families who have made their home in Mortlake and have made St Patrick’s their parish. The faith, energy and commitment of the early Irish settlers has flourished, and successive generations of people from many different cultures and nationalities have contributed to the wonderfully diverse and vibrant parish community we share today.

Just as 2020 is a year we will never forget, 1895 is a focal point in the life of St Patrick’s Parish. It is when we began, and the passing of time weaves the threads of our story across the years – the highs and lows, opportunities and challenges, joys and sorrows. These significant personal, spiritual and communal events in our history have been captured beautifully in Damian Gleeson’s new book:

An Enduring Flame

St Patrick’s Mortlake 1885-2020
An Irish-Australian working-class community

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Damian John Gleeson specialises in Irish-Australian historical research. Damian has written a number of parish histories including the 2017 award-winning publication, The Rock of St George. Damian is a past president of the Australian Catholic Historical Society and an active member of the Silvermines Historical Journal, County Tipperary, Ireland.

TO ORDER A COPY: Please contact the parish on 9743 1017 or email:  [email protected] 

Rev Fr Tom Stevens