My attention was drawn this week to the lovely crucifix that hangs over the entrance door in the narthex (foyer) of our church, donated by John & Aloce O’Connor of our parish. It was carved by Englebert Piccolruaz. He also carved the statue of Mary in the Marian Chapel and the Baptismal font.

The crucifix had originally been carved as a donation to a parish in Victoria after the dreadful 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, however it ended up here at St Pat’s.

The crucifix’s plaque of dedication reads:

Dedicated to those who have lost their life in natural disasters in Australia

Its nice to be reminded of not only the skills of the artisans and the artists in our society, but a reminder of the need to respect our harsh and beautiful land, and to be ever conscious of those suffering the effects of bushfires, especially at this time.

Fr Tom

Rev Fr Tom Stevens