This last week has been stressful and demanding on many of us. Home schooling, isolation, financial stresses – these are all factors which we may be facing. In the midst of this we nevertheless need to always know that we are greater than our mere surroundings. We are part of a Community of Faith, Charity and Hope!


I was reminded of this as I listened to Ash Barty conduct her press conference following her recent Wimbledon win. Whilst most journalists asked somewhat similar themed questions relating to her game, fitness and tactics – an Indian reporter asked a deeper, more pertinent question, relating to her temperament and how she lived her life.


The reporter asked: “Around the world, you are respected as a humble, kind and a very nice person. What do you think about it? And how important is it for you, to be a very good human being, along with a top-class tennis player?”

Barty responded: “Thank you . . . I’ve just tried to live by my values my parents instilled in me and it’s more important to be a good person than it is to be a good tennis player . . . . .Being a good human being is absolutely my priority every single day.”

Afterwards it was this question and answer that the majority of press outlets quoted – yet only one of the many journalists thought to ask the deeper question, that goes to the true character of the person that is Ash Barty.


During these times of tension and uncertainty, it is important we too ask and look to the genuine deeper questions and issues that reflect my true identity.


In testing times to see that my identity not based on material and physical ‘have and have-nots’, but rather on how I treat my neighbour and how I help others.


Image Source: Foxsports.com.au



Parish Administrator