I find the advertising for food products over the Christmas period astounding. In between supermarket chains, Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver cooking shows advising us how to cook ‘the perfect’ turkey, one could easily think that 25 December was a Michelin Stars Food Festival!!

Of course, we know Christmas is much, much deeper than that. Christmas goes to the meaning of my human dignity. God becomes human, giving humanity a profound status that no social or political system or regime can ever take away from us. Each human being, and all of Creation, has a dignity.

And so, Mary gives birth to a son in the ancient royal city of Bethlehem. The name Bethlehem literally means house of bread. From this city of Bethlehem, a city that offers food and life, will come the child that offers hope over depression, joy over suffering, love over war.

My prayers and friendship to each of you this Christmas 2019. May it be a time of peace, a time when we can truly give thanks for the bread of life in our lives, the living bread of Jesus Christ and of loving relationships in our charitable St. Patrick’s community.

Fr. Tom

Rev Fr Tom Stevens