Social Thought Discussion Series

St Pat’s parish will be holding a series of monthly

talks inviting discussion around on Social Thought and how it relates to us both as individuals and as a community, how it shapes our identity and how it is different and deeper than Charity.

WHERE: St. Pat’s Parish Hall, 33 Gale St, Mortlake
•‘Faith, Action & My Identity!’ 9.15-10.30am, Tuesday 24 May.
•‘Eco-Implications. Living in a World Worth Living In – A Practical Discussion about Environmental Sustainability.’ 6.30-8pm, Tuesday 28 June.
•‘Ethical Purchasing – How many slaves work for you?’ 9.15-10.30am, Tuesday 26 July.
•‘Shut Out, Shut In and Shut Up – Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ 6.30-8pm, Tuesday 30 August.

If interested in attending, please contact Fr Tom on 9743 1017 or [email protected]