This Sunday, the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, is really the last of our Liturgical Year. Next Sunday is the feast of Christ the King and the week after we commence the Advent period in the run up to Christmas. Advent marks the start of the Church’s new liturgical year. The readings today ask us to do a ‘spiritual stocktake’ of how our spiritual year has been. In doing so, and in starting the new liturgical year shortly, I commend to you the spiritual reflections booklet of THE WAY, available at the back of the Church. The booklet provides a simple daily meditation for the Advent period.

Let’s take this time to reflect gently on our faith this past year by taking time to look deeper into my dispositions and ask myself the frank and honest questions of – “Where is Jesus Christ in my: relationships; workplace; home, and my own rightful love of self?.

Fr. Tom


Rev Fr Tom Stevens