The gift of the Holy Spirit is a wonder beyond our human comprehension.

Nevertheless, we believe that this gift embodies the wonders of knowledge, reverence and respect, wisdom courage and understanding. These human gifts are given to us by God.

We are invited to give thanks for these gifts and to use them wisely. That is the message contained in St Mark’s gospel this week-end. These are gifts given to us as human beings and they reshape our lives and, through each and every one of us, are capable of reshaping the world.

Of course some people especially some world leaders, do not use these gifts wisely. Hence, the world is often torn apart by war, violence discrimination and exploitation.

There is a dire warning given in today’s Gospel story about the abuse of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, in spite of such abuses, we can rejoice in our willingness to embrace the gifts of the Spirit and to always acknowledge the dignity of every person as a gifted human being.