We often forget that when we were Confirmed, albeit when we were about ten or eleven years of age, we received the gift of WISDOM. It is a gift, and we have all received it. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit and we all have that gift within the tissues and contours of our lives. What is wisdom? It is, I suspect, the gift to know right from wrong. It is the gift to understand that what has been passed onto us by our forebears is not fallacious. It is the gift to appreciate the great wonders of nature and the marvels of science.

Most importantly, though, wisdom is a gift that enables us to recognise that life is much bigger and more wonderful than the experience of politics, economics and profits.

Wisdom is essentially about acknowledging the wonder of human life: It is about the marvels of art, music, literature and human accomplishment. It is about the wonder of what lies beyond our imagination. This is what today’s readings from Scripture are about. Each and every one of us is a person of WISDOM because we are all prepared to marvel at the great reality of God.

Rev Fr Tom Stevens