This sixth Chapter of the Gospel of John, which we have been reading in recent weeks, is loaded with profound messages about the unity between Jesus and God the Father. Nevertheless, it seems when we read the passage that is opened up for us today, we hear that the Jewish people who were listening to Him could not accept what Jesus was revealing.

They began to say amongst themselves that this man called Jesus could not have a special unity with God the Father because, after all, he is simply a local lad. “We know his father and mother” – “We watched him grown up” – “He is just an ordinary fellow”.

Herein is the revelation that is worth thinking about. Jesus was fully human. He was an ordinary human being and yet he also embodied a unique oneness with God.
Today we are reminded to never ignore what often seems to be “ordinary” in other people. God rarely reveals what is divine in miracles. The divine is generally revealed in human encounters that we judge to be “ordinary”.

The simplicity and ordinariness of our everyday encounters with each other can be encounters with God. A smile a wave a simple greeting of good-will, is a revelation of God’s presence in our lives.

Today we are invited to encounter God in the ordinary friendliness of our family, friends and fellow citizens.