TToday the Church invites us to begin a journey with Jesus. It starts on the outskirts of Jerusalem and we follow Jesus as he enters that ancient city and is hailed as a great prophet. We too wave branches to welcome the Messiah. Then on Thursday evening we share a last supper with Jesus; allow him to serve us and cleanse us; walk with him to the garden; and, if we can, stay awake with him, although like Peter, James and John we’ll probably fall asleep and leave Jesus.

On Friday morning we will travel the way to Calvary with Jesus as we move through the Stations of the Cross. On Friday afternoon we stand at the foot of the Cross and experience the trauma of the suffering and death of the Lord.

On Saturday we wait expectantly – Our Church is closed – Jesus is dead. Then, in a blaze of light on Saturday night we suddenly understand the reality and implications of Resurrection. The implication is that we all have the gift of eternal life.

That is the journey we are about to embark upon. If we take the journey it will change our lives forever.

Rev Fr Tom Stevens