On this second Sunday of Lent every year we read the wonderful story of the Transfiguration of Jesus. It is an event that is said to have occurred on Mount Tabor. It is a moment when three of the disciples, Peter, James and John, recognise the truth about Jesus Christ. He appears to them in his glory. It is an experience that enables them to glimpse the great wonder of who Jesus really is. He is a man who is also divine.

Although Peter, James and John do not fully appreciate what they are witnessing at the time. Nevertheless, after the death and resurrection of Jesus, it all makes sense to them. God had become a human being and lived amongst us. By so doing, he has drawn us all into the eternal life of God. Hence, every human being shares in God’s dignity and every human being has a right to live with dignity.

One of the realities that today’s Gospel story invites us to reflect upon is this:

Where is your “mountain of transfiguration”? When or where is the place or experience of transfiguration for you? In other words, when do you realise the wonder of what God has done for us. Do you recognise Him in your family, in Mass or in some other special place or at some other special moment?

God, in the person of Jesus, meets each and everyone one of us on our own unique “Mountain” and shows us the wonder of the divine.

We are invited today to acknowledge that we too go to places, or have experiences, when we are actually in the presence of God. These experiences are a special gift. We call it “GRACE”.


Rev Fr Tom Stevens