We have now reached the third week of Lent 2019. It is a good time to ask ourselves about the significance of Lent in outlives. Lent is principally a time during which we prepare for Easter. Why prepare? Maybe we prepare because the Easter story is about the moment when evil and death were defeated by the goodness of God. In spite of this redeeming act, men and women do commit evil acts. Why is this so? It seems that some human beings still get seduced by bigotry and hatred. They keep embracing the myth that violence and retribution, rather than selfless dialogues and unconditional love, will achieve satisfactory and vindication. Such people do not really believe what we believe. They are unwilling to embrace the full implication of the Easter story, namely that evil and death have been destroyed forever by the one redeeming act of Jesus Christ. The terrorism witnessed in Christchurch this week, therefore, was another sad moment in human history. It was a moment that can only be described as abhorrent. It strengthens our commitment to selfless dialogue and unconditional love rather than violence and retribution. Ironically, it strengthens, rather than weakens, our belief in the great Easter message. Our prayers and profound sympathy go out to the people of Christchurch.


Rev Fr Tom Stevens