MESSAGE FROM MONS JOHN – 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time / A – 24th September, 2017

Sometimes we find it hard to accept that we are all made in the image likeness of God. It is also sometimes difficult for us to accept that God wishes for all people, no matter who they maybe, to be saved.

The quality of all human beings in the eyes of God is sometimes difficult to accept. Surely, we sometimes say to ourselves, “certain people must be more deserving than others in God’s eyes”.

The parable told by Jesus, as reported in today’s Gospel, endeavours to teach us about the universality of God’s love. In the story all labourers are treated equally. They are all paid, at the end of the day, the same amount in spite of the fact that some of them did more work than others.

We find this teaching about the universality of God’s love for everyone a little bit hard to accept. Why? Because we human beings find it hard to treat all people with equal dignity. We discriminate.

It seems that Jesus himself taught that our God does not discriminate.

Hence, there is an invitation today to reflect on the intrinsic dignity, the God given dignity, of every human being. Maybe, we can at least think about the dignity of some people who, up until now, we have judged to be less deserving than ourselves.

It’s worth a thought!

Rev Fr Tom Stevens