We have commenced our celebrations of Easter 2018. We celebrate the high point of the Christian calendar. We are invited to walk with Christ this week. Today we are with him as he enters Jerusalem on a donkey and we wave palm branches and hail him as a messiah. But, today we also contemplate what is about to happen to him as we read the Gospel of St Mark.
On Thursday evening we will recreate his last supper. Symbolically he will wash the feet of his disciples and we will go with him to the garden. We will be invited to pray with him there, just for an hour.

On Friday we will celebrate and hear about his suffering and death. On Saturday the church closes down as we wait for the message of his resurrection.

Then, on Saturday evening we light a fire and from that fire we light the Easter Candle and proclaim that CHRIST IS RISEN. We then celebrate the Easter Mass and rejoice in this marvellous gift – New Life for us all. We are invited to walk with Christ this week!


Rev Fr Tom Stevens