O n this Sunday one could say we have come to an ultimate conclusion about the true nature of God.

Ancient people, even our Australia aboriginal people had an understanding about creation. The Jewish people wrote this understanding down in the Book of Genius. The Samarian people had their Gilbermesh Epic. Australian original ancestors had their dream time stories which they passed down from generation to generation.

Every ancient epic and every dreamtime story is a reflection on the mystery of creation; on the mystery of the great spirit and on the mystery of God.

Nevertheless, our Christian faith has brought us much closer and much deeper into this mystery of God.

We know that God is one mysterious reality revealed to us all in three experiential realities – Physical creation; Human creation; and Spiritual creation. We call this God “The Trinity”.

We can look around us or look into the sky and experience the creative God. We can read about Jesus and experience what he experienced as a human person every day of our earthly lives. And we can marvel at the reality of wisdom, courage, bravery, creative energy and experience the wonder of the Spirit.

We all have physical, human and spiritual experiences. When we reflect on creation, humanity and spirituality, we are reflecting on the reality of God – One God but three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Today we give thanks for the revelation of the Holy Trinity. The God we experience every day of our lives!