This week-end the Easter Season draws to a close. We celebrated Christ’s death on Good Friday. On Easter Sunday we celebrated his Resurrection. For the last six weeks we have reflected upon implications of these amazing events for us in 2019.
This week-end the Church invites us to understand that the Risen Lord departed from our world, albeit without leaving us abandoned. Hence the unity of God the Father and God the Son was complete once again. Today we celebrate the feast of the Ascension.

In St Luke’s Gospel today, many revelations become very clear.

The commission given to those who believed in the Resurrection of Jesus, and that is us, is to proclaim this great news “to all the nations”. Hence, there is no longer any distinction between nations, races or classes.

If we believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, which we do, we also believe that God has given a special dignity to every human being irrespective of who they are. We are all equal in the eyes of God and every person is invited to share in this GOOD NEWS.

Today we are invited to live lives that manifest a profound respect for every human person.


Rev Fr Tom Stevens