T he Gospel of John we read at our Masses this week-end contains, according to the author, a final message of Jesus to his disciples. In fact he uses full and very significant expressions. These significant five expressions are as follows:

  • Abide in my love
  • Keep my commandments
  • May your joy be complete
  • The greatest love is to lay down one’s life for a friend
  • You are no longer servants, but friends

As this Easter season gradually draws to a close, we are invited to live (abide) in love. It is a life shaped by the commands of Jesus to love God and to love your neighbour. If we can do that our joy will be complete because will have “laid down our life” in order to love each other. Hence, we are not merely disciples or followers of Jesus Christ, we are “friends” of Jesus Christ.
It is a very profound message this week-end, yet it is very simple. It essentially is an invitation to have a profound respect for each other – A respect that is encapsulated in one simple word – “LOVE”.