Parish Christmas Luncheon, 27 November, 2019

Many thanks to Anne Manenti and the Social Committee for their enthusiastic and energetic organisation of yet again, another highly successful and enjoyable gathering.

This year the venue was at Carmen’s, Barnwell Park.

Father Tom commenced the lunch with Grace in which he reminded us that we were sharing together our meal in a spirit of community and friendship. We pray that at this time we remember those less fortunate, especially the victims of the drought and recent devastating bushfires.

There were 60 people who attended and they enjoyed a delicious meal of traditional Christmas fare or fish, followed by pudding and custard or fruit salad and ice cream.

The Committee organised a Lucky door prize and more than half of the attendees were able to take home a Christmas gift, many of which had been generous donated by a supporter of the Monday Bingo .

Anne made a plea for more supporters of Bingo as numbers have been declining of late due to ill health.

Father Tom was presented with a gift from the Bingo group. Instead of the usual presentation of flowers to Anne in gratitude for her commitment to Monday Bingo, Anne had requested that there would be a collection from those present to be given to the St Vincent de Paul Group for the drought and bush fire victims: $ 500 was raised.

This social occasion is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from the parish. Often we recognise faces from Mass, and the chance to get to know them better is ideal. We appreciate this. It’s one of the benefits of being part of the St Pat’s Parish.

 In gratitude, Anne Manenti and the Social Committee.