The Stewardship ministry understands that we all have a purpose in this world. Giving of ourselves and our talents to create a more pleasant world
(not just for ourselves, but for everyone in the world) is a wonderful gift.

As a parish community we have a responsibility to provide for the careful, ethical and responsible management of the resources that have been
entrusted to our care. It is with this vision that the Stewardship Ministry operates.

This ministry works with our parish volunteers to ensure they are up to date with their training as well as providing risk assessments for all Parish
events involving children. This also involves an extensive audit annually to ensure we have provided a safe environment for our children and
vunerable members of our community.

We encourage opportunities for our parish to engage with the wider community and where possible develop these partnerships. We are involved in general parish clean-ups and have more recently prepared an asset register of items that are used
for events, meetings and social occasions.

Need more information please contact Marie
Piccin e: [email protected]


Melanie Carli