Howard and Tony have recently advised us that they will soon be moving from St Patrick’s Parish. Both Howard and Tony are numbered among some of the longest standing parishioners here at St Patrick’s, having grown up in their family home in Philips Street Cabarita. Most importantly, though, they have both made amazing contributors to our parish life.

Howard has co-ordinated our parish liturgy and music and his own musical skills have brought joy and prayerful music to our celebrations every week. Howard has also been a key member of our Parish Pastoral Council. We all also acknowledged his other work assisting victims of crime in the broader community, generally at great personal cost but with enormous benefit to so many distressed and bereaved people.

Tony Brown has also been one of the unsung heroes of our parish life. He is the public, friendly face at our Saturday evening masses and at all of our important celebrations. Most significantly he has been the President and back-bone of our local conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society. He has bought solace and material assistance to so many families and individuals both locally and in the broader community.

We hope to have an opportunity to thank them formally in the near future – But for now we simply say “THANK YOU” and may our God shower great blessing on your back. Well done good and faithful servants.