This the 3rd Sunday in Advent.

We light the rose or pink candle on the Advent wreath and it represents JOY.  Fr Tom is wearing a rose chasuble.  Why do you think we use this colour?

Let’s see what Fr Tom and the gospel from John tells us about our journey towards Jesus’ birthday.

Pink is a happy colour. We use it today on the 3rd Sunday of Advent to show that the waiting is almost over. Jesus’ birthday is almost here!  This week John the Baptist continues to baptise people and reminding them that he is not the one they are waiting for. When we are baptised we are connected in a special way to the family of Jesus. As Fr Tim reminds us, our Baptism is a great occasion and a joyful celebration.

Activities to try at Home:

  • Baptism is an important sacrament, you might like to have a conversation about your baptism as a family.
  • Jesus is coming! Choose a quiet prayer time together each day to ask God to show you what your job is for that day.
  • Share Jesus’ love! As a family, think of a person who might be lonely and go together to do something for that person.

Here are all the readings and a reflection especially for children that you might like to share as a family.


Catholic Kids Media – Christ in Our Hearts! – Advent 3B – YouTube

Christ in Our Hearts! A fun Catholic reflection for kids based on the readings for 3rd Sunday of Advent, cycle B. Support this channel on Patreon!


Rev Fr Tom Stevens