As Easter 2018 approaches and the Season of Lent draws to a conclusion we open the 12th Chapter of St John’s Gospel and we hear a story about Jesus being sought out by some Greek people.

It is a bit fanciful to believe that a group of Greek people would have travelled to Jerusalem to see Jesus. Nevertheless, it is not fanciful to believe that the author of the Gospel is making a point about foreign people (non-Jews) having faith in Jesus as the incarnate Son of God.

This is the ultimate accomplishment of the entire mission of Jesus. People of every race, from every place and in every historical moment will seek Jesus -To seek Jesus is to seek God.

We all endeavour to find God in our lives. We Christians know that, because God became a human being in the person of Jesus, we find God when we come to know and understand the person of Jesus. He died and rose from death so that he could live on in every human person.

Hence, we live with each other, and we love and respect each other as persons who embody the presence of the Risen Jesus. On this final Sunday of Lent 2018 we are invited to celebrate life, love and respect. We are invited to be people who live life joyfully, love life fully, and respect life continually.