We have arrived at the great Feast of Easter 2018.  It is with great Easter joy that we celebrate our common faith in the resurrection of Jesus.

The name “Easter” was probably given to this Pascal celebration by Bede the Venerable the great biblical scholar and “Father of English History in 700AD”. The word “Easter”, so it is said, is derived from an Anglo-Saxon spring feast called “Eostre”.

The date of Easter in our western Christian Church is determined by the phases of the moon.  Easter Sunday is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after 21st March each year.  Hence the date of Easter Sunday varies each year.

The feast of the resurrection of Jesus, being the greatest and oldest feast of the Christian Church, is celebrated with grand liturgy. The principal symbol is “light”.  The Easter candle is lit (the Pascal Candle).  Then the Easter water is blessed and new Christians are welcomed into the Church.

The Pascal Candle symbolises the “Light of Christ” in our world following His resurrection. Then water becomes “holy” because of the movement of our human race out of darkness into the new light and new life. These gifts have been given to us through the resurrection event.

Today we celebrate new light and new life given to us again in 2018.