This special feast of Christ the King marks the end of the Church’s liturgical year. Next Sunday we begin the season of Advent and our preparations for Christmas.

It is strange for this last Sunday of the Church’s year to be dedicated to Christ as a “King”. Throughout the year we have been reading many stories about Jesus and it has been very clear that “kingship” is an attribute that was never assumed by Him. In fact, throughout human history, the title of “King” is tainted by the abuse of power and authority. It is clear that Jesus, even though He was the Son of God, never abused His power or authority.

Christ’s kingship has nothing of the despot or dictator about it. It seems that Christ embodies what the title “King” really means; rather than what other men have done with their kingship.

The Kingship of Christ is about love and justice. It is about absolute self-giving. Christ’s Kingship is about unconditional mercy and understanding.

The Kingship of Christ inspires all of us to never abuse the gifts that are given to us. It inspires us to never abuse a role we may have in relation to the care and protection of other people.

Parents and Priest, leaders of people and spokesperson on behalf of people, are all reminded about the sacred power with which they have been entrusted. Christ is the leader, the guide and mentor who only speaks the truth; who always acts justly and mercifully; who always puts the needs and concerns of other people before His own.

This model of “kingship” is placed before us today to remind us how we should relate to each other.

Rev Fr Tom Stevens