Sixty cheerful parishioners attended our annual Christmas in July function on a bright and sunny winter’s day. It  was held at Massey Park Golf Club, on 24 July 2019. This was a significant occasion as it was perhaps the last official function for Monsignor John as our Parish Priest, prior to his retirement on 4 August. Anne Manenti, Coordinator of the Social Committee Ministry called upon Mons John to say Grace, welcomed everyone, including a few visitors and then we enjoyed a delicious meal with choices of turkey, pork or fish followed by plum pudding or Pavlova. Very Aussie fare! What was also special was that this meal was served by members of the social committee:

Anne, Yvonne Webster and Victoria (Vicky) Garcea. And they didn’t get any of the orders wrong! Many thanks, Ladies.

There was a presentation to Mons John by Anne, on behalf of the Monday Bingo group and he was made an honourable member. It is hoped that during his retirement he may like to call in occasionally, now Monday isn’t his only day off. Of course he is always welcome. Anne also presented John with another parcel of goodies from all of us. Mons John thanked everyone and included a golfing joke in his speech. We will miss his jokes and ready wit, as well as his wonderful sense of the occasion.

After the lucky door prizes, of which there were many, Denise Norman, presented Anne with a beautiful bouquet, to thank her for all her work on behalf of the parish. Anne also thanked Denise for her work on behalf of the Social Committee Ministry and especially her assistance at Bingo.

A final thanks to Anne and the members of the Social Committee for yet another very enjoyable, well planned function where parishioners and visitors are able to spend time together. Our parish is very much blessed.