To each individual Parishioner of St. Patrick’s as we stand in one union with Our Lord, especially our Choirs and Musicians, The Altar Society, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Acolytes, Special Ministers, Wardens, Collection Counters, Bankers, Children’s Sunday Liturgy Teachers, Altar Servers, Readers, Pastoral Care Ministry, Finance Committee, Liturgy Ministry. Social Ministry and Faith Education Ministry, Social Justice Ministry, Communications Ministry, Youth Group, Gardeners and the anonymous helpers too numerous to mention.

A Garland of Wishes

“For is He not the secret of it all; the new, untried, unblemished vessel of all possibility.  Could He not was and grow and come to man’s estate and lead us down new paths of goodness?  Inherent in the Downey head, sleep crumpled face and starfish band, the awakening spirit, lies man’s hope..”

(From Margaret Cousins “ A Garland of Wishes for the Seven Ages of Christmas” 1968)


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