What is a Family Mass?

  • Family Mass is a wonderful way for families young and old to participate in prayer and worship together.
  • Family Mass offers us an opportunity to celebrate every Family unit, in our uniqueness, as part of the family of God.
  • Family Mass is an invitation to our families to take part in various roles of service during the Mass together.

Why have a Family Mass?

  • Family Mass encourages children and adults alike to develop an understanding and appreciation for the Mass and our Catholic traditions.
  • Family Mass provides several opportunities for families to actively celebrate Mass through special roles in the liturgy.
  • Ministering at the Family Mass is a great way to serve God and the community as family.

When is our Family Mass?

  • The Family Mass is on various Sundays throughout the year.
  • We have chosen significant dates that families usually gather and we have tried to have a celebration at least once during every Mass time at St Pat’s throughout the year.
  • Our 1st was 9am Mother’s Day in May, our 2nd is 6pm Saturday 28th of July, our 3rd is 9am Father’s Day in September,our  4th is 6pm on Christmas Eve.

Who is the Family Mass for?


How can YOU take part?

  • As a Family:

Come along, sit with your family. pray, sing and join in the Mass together as a Family.

  • Eucharistic & Lectionary Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers assist in Communion distribution at Mass. Lectors proclaim the Word of God. There is training for both ministries. Family members interested in becoming a Eucharistic or Liturgical Minister are welcome. Call and have a conversation.

  • Greeters & Collectors

We always need help in welcoming people to the Family Mass, handing out bulletins or other materials, bringing the gifts to the altar, and overseeing the collection. These tasks provide a wonderful opportunity for families to minister together. We would love to have you help!

  • Altar Servers

Altar Servers offer service to God and the community by assisting the priest during Mass. The ministry is open to all adults and youth of the parish who have made their First Holy Communion. There are training sessions for Altar Servers, please call for more details.

  • Music Ministry

If you enjoy singing or maybe you can play an instrument, we are always seeking new singers and instrumentalists to join our music ministry. All ages are welcome!   The Music Ministry would love to hear from you.

For any of these opportunities to take part in Family Masses please email Sinead Kent on [email protected] or call 0420653637

Maureen Casey

Parishioner Member of the Communication Ministry