A chat and a meal in the Presbytery…

Wednesday 28 October from 6-7.30pm.

I would like to start a small (Covid friendly) gathering of parents/ guardians of children to meet monthly in the presbytery to share and discuss your thoughts, joys and struggles on parenting in these times of high stress.

There is a lot currently being placed on those with parenting duties in these times, and given the last government Census data for our area showing a growing need for parental support, I’m inviting ALL parents (in the many forms we come in): single; married; de facto; same-sex attracted; grandparents heavily involved in care- all parents are welcome to come, have a chat and casual meal on a lovely spring evening in the presbytery.

Your children are welcome to come along and play in the yard or watch a movie, with childminding provided here in the parish on the night, as we share a meal in what will be a relaxed informal setting.

So, if you’re free on Wednesday, 28 October from 6-7.30pm and keen for a casual evening to chat about parenting – I’d love to meet and listen to you.
Numbers will be limited to 12, and all Covid restrictions followed.

To register please contact Fr Tom on 9743 1017 or [email protected]

Rev Fr Tom Stevens