In the 1960’s our church published a document called “The constitution of the Church in the Modern World”.  It was one of the most important statements emanating from the Second Vatican Council of the Church.

In Chapter 34 of that document we read this statement:
“While providing the substance of life for themselves and their families, men and women are performing their activities in a way which appropriately benefits society.  They can justly consider that by their labours they are unfolding the Creator’s work”.

The Gospel of St Matthew today invites each and every one of us to appreciate that our personal talents, our human efforts and our roles or vocations in life should never be underestimated or undervalued.  We should never presume that we are insignificant.  We are invited to resist the temptation to BURY our talents.  Whatever we do in life has an effect on others.  Collectively we are able to make the world a better place.  All we are asked to do as Christians is to use the skills, talents and gifts we have for good purposes.

St Paul in his letter to the people of Rome made this profound statement:

“Never forget that the life and death of each of us has an effect on others”


Rev Fr Tom Stevens